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September 16, 2006 - 06:31 PM
Amir Ossanloo
- AmirOssanloo@Hotmail.com

Lim Yo Hwan...

In the begining I played Starcraft: Broodwar online on Battle.net. I loved the game and loved Terran, I played BGH maps for fun. 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 against and with my friends.

But after a while I saw a replay. A replay of an amazing terran player, Lim Yo Hwan. This motivated me to play more serious and to practis 1on1 to become a better terran player.

After a while I managed to win vs some good Swedish players and I was very proud. I always looked up to you and you have always been one of my role models. I put alot of effort in playing Starcraft. I never reached the top, but I am very pleased with the level that I played in.

Today Starcraft have made me who I am, a very selfconfident, creative and good guy who really believe that everything is possable. I have always watched up to you, even tough you don't even know who I am. You have helped me alot in life.

You should be very proud. What you do extends way over the gaming world. This is a very sad moment for us all.

One day I will have the pleasure to meet you, I know that. So for now, good luck in the army!

Good speed! You are the emperor! You are motivation! You are...Lim Yo Hwan.

Thanks alot, I will never forgett what you gave me.

Amir Ossanloo

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