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September 17, 2006 - 06:23 AM
- mamadeus@gmx.de

Hi Boxer i just wanted to say that u are a person i look up 2 very much!

I am 1/2 Korean and u made me look up 2 korea very big!
I play this game now 6 months and i just love it im becoming better and better and im becoming my own style of this game and learning 2 play different strategies.

I just love watching u play because u play the best T
Watching u play is so enjoiable because u play the Flexiblest strategie its just so intresting and u will make the Progammer with 3o u are a God in this game u made the T very popular its just amazing.

gl hf in the Army i want 2 c u Gg after the time in the military



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