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September 17, 2006 - 12:39 PM
- anchony2@hotmail.com

When I was 1st grade in university,I went to the WCG2002 in Daejeon that is located in korea. that was my first time what meet Boxer(Lim yo hwan). Boxer fought with Yellow(Hong jin ho who is one of the best Jerg player). At that timem I thought Yellow was the Best starcraft player in the world. But!!!!!@!
Boxer was bitten Yellow twice. That was so amazing.
Finally Boxer got the winner's trophy in WCG2002. From that day, I am still loving Boxer. Actully Boxer's Playing. Boxer is my hero and future. nononono!!!!
Boxer is our hero and future. Our hero is gonna leave from us. But We believe Boxer.! And We will wait for Boxer to Boxer's last day in the army.
I hope to Boxer will come back to starcraft. And then Boxer will take a trophy again in WCGXXXX.
We should wait Boxer and we will tell Boxer "Thnk you for your come back and Whenever wherever You will be still our hero if you are not playing starcraft.

thnks for reading. ^------^*

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